Prevention Works In Seattle

Prevention Works in Seattle

The mission of Prevention Works in Seattle is to prevent underage drinking, substance abuse, and associated problems through education, advocacy, and networking with students, families, and the community.


February 2015

NE Seattle parents,

You may have received Mind Your Meds information in the mail with your child’s report card. The Mind Your Meds campaign urges adults to lock up medications in the home as a way to prevent medicine abuse among teenagers.

While less than 10% of NE Seattle middle and high school students report abusing prescription drugs, the rates of abuse steadily increased among 8th and 10th graders since 2008. The Prevention WINS coalition is particularly concerned about this trend considering potential health consequences related with prescription drug abuse.

Learn more about the Mind Your Meds campaign and what you can do to prevent teen medicine abuse! View short clips on the Prevention WINS YouTube page about what NE Seattle parents can do.


Why prevent underage drinking and youth substance abuse?  Underage drinking and youth substance abuse cause our young people to put themselves in dangerous situations and can harm the developing adolescent brain in ways only recently understood. Drug and alcohol use by those under 21 is related to numerous health problems including injuries and death results from car crashes, suicide, homicide, assaults, drowning, and recreational mishaps. That’s why the northeast Seattle community is taking action to prevent and reduce youth substance abuse.

Factors leading to a youth's decision to use drugs or alcohol are complex and likely to include influences from many domains.  These domains include peer, family, school, and community environment.  That's why Prevention WINS is taking a variety of actions to address risk factors in multiple domains.

  In 2007, the Surgeon General of the United States issued a national call to action to prevent and reduce underage drinking.
In King County, marijuana is the most common substance identified by youth under 18 entering treatment. 
Prescription drug misuse and abuse among young people has increased significantly in the past few years. 

Prevention Works in Seattle (WINS) is a community coalition formed in 2006 to put comprehensive programs and strategies into place that, when consistently implemented, are proven to reduce drug and alcohol use rates. We are people who work in schools, community agencies, medical organizations, government, media, substance abuse treatment and law enforcement.  We are parents and youth.  Together, we give parents and students the tools they need to avoid underage drinking and substance abuse.  Together, we create and sustain a community that promotes healthy youth development.  Coalitions like Prevention WINS have reduced youth substance abuse rates in their communities.
In partnerships with Seattle Children's Hospital, Prevention WINS is funded by a Drug Free Communities grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and the Office for National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).